23 January 2012

back on the road

We had a nice weekend, here in Bujumbura. Quiet. Breezy. Ice-cold coke-y. We watched our Ray VanderLaan DVD and episodes of our other right now favorite TV shows. We splurged and bought ground beef at the shop - and Billy even found some cheese. We used our giant avos from the market and had a mexican fiesta with new friends. Oh, it was good.

Today I am packing because tomorrow, Billy and I leave for Kigali. We are taking the bus (along with some dramamine) and spending the week in Rwanda. Billy will spend some time at World Relief and I'm heading out to the hills to do some photography for another organization. Then on Friday... well, I'll let that be a surprise for when we get to talk again. It's gonna be good.

I'm not sure what my internet is going to be like in Rwanda - but I'll pop in if I have the opportunity.

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