19 January 2012

A cow and her family

Another postcard from the road- although after we wrap up today's family visits, we'll start heading home- 4 hours up, down and around windy mountain roads.

Visiting families is a special treat on this trip. This organization I travels with has a special focus on children. By providing opportunities for children to thrive, the entire family, and community get good benefits too. Here, we've spent time with a family who completed an education cycle on childhood nutrition. The organization identifies malnourished children in the area and works with the mothers to help teach about the most nutritious food available in their area (where everything comes from the local soil) and monitors the children's growth. This family has also been given a cow so everyone can drink good, fresh milk. Their cow has given them a calf- so the cycle of goodness continues forward.

When you sponsor a child, you are providing for a community. I'm seeing first hand, how beautiful that is.

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