18 January 2012

Postcards from the field

While i have a strong enough cell signal, i thought i'd check in and tell you I am not only safe but meeting the most beautiful people and having a ball (and exhausted at the same time). We've visited schools & clean water projects; Food security and nutrition; families who benefit from your sponsorship into this well known international development organization.

We are staying in nice hotels too- last night they brought a fresh pail of water to my bathroom so I could "shower". Let me say, it was a good shower too. I was filthy!

I've been listening to Willow Creek's -A New Liturgy - each morning before we head out and again in the evenings while I'm editing our images from that day. Inspiring, life giving.

Oooooh you love your children, all your children.
Every faith & every tongue.
Oooooh you love your children, all your children.
Help us see you in each one....

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