03 March 2012

my last weekend in Africa

One of the many things God has gifted us with here in Africa is sweet sweet friendships. On this, our last weekend together in Africa, perhaps for a long, long time - we made plans to go camping with some of those dearest kind of friends. These are friends we have spent hours playing and exploring with, praying with, talking through life with, eating around campfires and in our homes and in fine (and not so fine) restaurants with. These are friends who make it difficult to leave South Africa for good. The kind that curl up under your skin and inside your heart and become like family in a way. Our friends are moving this year also. Leaving Joburg and their long time ministry with children in Zandspruit - and following a dream God put in their heart many years ago. Our friends are moving to a farm in Cape Town this year... and in their generosity and love, they decided they'd like to share their new home with us - so that when we are far away in America, we can still share in their new life. When they talk about new ministries and spaces and schools and rhythms, we will be able to picture where they are. When they are settling in to their new home, they will have memories of us here. It was a dear surprise, one that too coordination and secrets and anticipation on their part - and spoke deeply into our hearts. Billy and I packed picnic baskets and hiking shoes prepared for a weekend camping, and were totally surprised instead, when we pulled up to the airport and got aboard a flight to Cape Town.

It's Billy's and my first time in Cape Town... and experiencing how completely different it is to Johannesburg. I suppose in the same way that Kansas City is different than Martha's Vineyard MA. This is wine country - surrounded by ocean and mountains and vineyards - it is unique and beautiful. Yesterday we took a driving tour of the coastline, stopping for fresh snoek (fish) on the edge of a bay. Today, we'll tackle the famous Table Mountain and do some hiking up a smaller berg (mountain). This last weekend of mine here in Africa is rich. Dripping with intentional moments to soak in relationship and beauty and fill my lungs with this fresh air. To fill my heart with enough good moments with Billy and our friends to last me through the separation that is coming. To be absolutely thankful for the ways God spoils us through all these things - and with His love. This, my last weekend in Africa.

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