05 March 2012

going home

today I am saying my goodbyes to Africa.

After more than 4 years - I am packing the last of my things, knowing I'm not returning in a few weeks. Trying to decide what needs to come with me now as we set up a new house, and what I can leave to come on the slow boat (shipping container) later in the year - whenever we can get that figured out. Billy bought me the most special slate stone slabs with paintings of some of our favorite South Africa birds - the ones that visited our garden while we sat on the stoop and watched - the ones that sang lovely morning songs to us as the sun rose each day. I adore them. The birds and the slate slabs. So, do I put them in the garage and wait till next autumn when we send a container? or do I bring them now so our new house (that we are praying we'll find soon) will feel a little bit like the home we are leaving here?

I went by the Olive Tree school to say goodbye to Samkelo. I went to Zandspruit to give Dikeledi and our friends there one more hug. I slipped by the grocery store to buy food for Billy to take back to Burundi with him - and bought South African sweets to bring home to my kids.

Tomorrow Billy flies to Burundi, and I fly to Michigan. You know what, we have no idea what this next season holds. Billy continues with Turame in Bujumbura until some time in June so the kids and I will still be on our own. Pray with us for this time to slip by. Pray with us that we are able to find a house to rent that is just right for this entering in time back - a place we can feel at home and not just in more in transition, the kids have been through enough "transtioning time" already. Pray for a job for Billy to be percolating and brewing and getting ready for his return. Something that makes his heart come alive, utilizes all the great talents he has, and supports our family after this long season living as volunteers with your support. Pray with us for Billy and his safety and for the training to go well in Burundi these last three months.

You know, in all the unknowns - in all the questions and sometimes worries - one thing remains solid - in two days time, I will be back with these three... and that ties everything together. A momma needs to be with her kids - and right now, I am going home. The end.

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  1. Love you. I am sad for your African friends, but happy for me. xoxo


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