04 April 2012

The Turame Images

It's been a few weeks now since I arrived back in the US. It's a story I'll have to tell you later, because it's messy and will take some intentional unpacking.
But today, well this week really, begins my resolve to hit a "do over" in my American re-entry. So we are pretending the first couple of weeks were just still part of the transition... maybe I was stuck in a time/space continuum ... and I have just arrived, fresh and dandy in West Michigan from Africa! Hooray! Welcome back! Thank you.

One of the (few) things I did accomplish in my weeks of time/space ambiguity was beginning to sort and highlight all my favorite photography from my recent months in Burundi (and Rwanda). The first project I put together was this photo journal of Turame. I'd love it if you'd browse through with me. It's where our family has given the last nearly year of our lives. It's what we've been talking about for months and months now. It's where Billy still is.

Some of the book is taken from our monthly story letters - some from projects that organizations involved in Turame asked me to document. All of them are precious and special to me as I'm busy sorting out my life here in the US and where I've been and where I'm headed. And maybe, by glimpsing in to where my life has so recently been and is lingering still, you'll be able to excuse the easy tears or overwhelmingly slow processing if you see me and I don't quite seem myself. My life in Africa, what we lived there for 4 years, has become part of me in ways I am still not quite sure fit in to Michigan - or at least I'm still figuring that out.

Anyway, that's a story to sort through another day... for today... welcome back to m/w/f dicoccoville - and enjoy the peek into my book of images from Turame. I still have a few more books to put together - we packed a LOT into my few months in Burundi - but this one is all micro finance. Enjoy - and let me know what you think.

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