13 February 2008

Faraglioni of Acitrezza - or Islands of the Cyclops

An ancient legend narrated by Homer and Virgil tells the story of Polyphemus, who was infuriated with Ulysses after he blinded him in one eye. Polyphemus hurled huge boulders at Ulysses' boat from the summit of the Etna volcano, forming the island which is today known as "Lachea" and the three "Faraglioni Islands". Yesterday, we went and climbed all over those boulders once tossed from the top of a volcano by a Greek Cyclops... beautiful striped rocks of the most elegant black... volcanic stones mixed with sea stone, jutting up out of the water in amazing statues... it was facinating.

Afterwards, we went and checked out the fishing boats, the men getting them all ready for the upcoming summer season... and the ones who had just been out that morning. We met a nice maitre de who was exceptionally pleased to show us his array of "fresh , very fresh fish.... Only two hours out of the sea. Look, they are still alive!" At which he poked and stroked them, and they gasped for one last breath. Oh, Yes they are. Ew.

Billy made it to South Africa yesterday morning. He's already looked at house to rent, attended a meeting and, I believe, enjoyed a dinner of fish and chips and a movie out. Nothing like jumping right in!


  1. So glad to be able to check and know that Bill safely arrived; thank you for letting us all know.
    Indeed, the DiCocco's are landing and in South Africa, and the first of them, of course, before Valentine's Day as visioned and hoped for. Be encouraged my friends. We love you Bill; glad to hear you are jumping right in. Trace,M,H, and Ava, bathe in the love of family and soak in all the wonders let to be seen in your last week; we love each of you and miss you dearly. Africa waits you; soon you will be there, how exciting. I know, scary too.

  2. thamncs forthe boots md hason and ava love elijah

  3. Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads.

    Eww is right. ;)

  4. I'll be the boat yard was a photographic paradise! all the colors and lines, textures, etc. can't wait to see more of those photos. do you happen to have a flickr account where you can upload some of these great euro shots?

    still not saying saying goodbye,

  5. How fun! It looks like you guys are truly taking advantage of you time. Enjoy it. You'll be in South Africa with Billy before you know it!

  6. Chris, you keep not saying goodbye and before we know it, we'll be back home again!

    Yes, we do have a flickr account... but I have to get to my Photoshop before I can start posting stuff up there! A few more weeks... my computer should arrive in Johannesburg the first week of March, carried by our good friends at MH. Then we just have to find a house to hook it up in!!

    still missing you


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