06 February 2008

We arrived in Sicily to a festival

Apparently, the Sicilians celebrate the day before Ash Wednesday with vibrancy. Music and food and confetti and breathtaking costumes and men in drag that dance better in heals than I can ever hope to.

We had a fabulous first day here, soaking in the festival spirit - and the beauty that was swirling all around us. You all were praying for my sparkle... and this is what God brought. A swirl of glitter and music and silly string. How's that for fabulous?


  1. Is it just my imagination, or was there another picture on here earlier of some "women" with some very nice legs?

    I liked that picture. I could be dreaming.

    I wish I was there with you!

  2. Well, you asked for "sparkle", right?

    Here's to celebrations on this journey, no matter who instigates them!


  3. So Beautiful...what an amazing celebration to carry into the Lenten Season. How fun to wake up to all that color/food/noise!

    Thank you for taking us there with you.


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