10 February 2008

Bella, bella

Days three and four in Italy, I ended up with over 300 pictures... it is truly beautiful here. Billy is leaving tomorrow.. boarding a plane to South Africa. Oh, I'd love him to stay longer...all of us would love to stay longer. We feel like we are only beginning to taste the beauty of this place.


  1. may your trip be wonderful and well to SA Billy - and may Trace and the chitlins enjoy Trace's family and Sicily well. we love you and miss you all like crazy. we love you.
    doug and julie

  2. I seriously can't believe that Mady is only a 7th grader in that picture! And the pic of Harrison is classic!

  3. Next time I go on vacation I want you to come along as photographer. I should've taken you to Africa with me last summer. I Adore the pic of you and your love in the street. So precious.

    Bill(y)...try to enjoy your long flight to SA. I'll be praying for your legs in that little tiny space. Load up on that free wine, eh? It helps (at least, that's what I've heard).

  4. Trace IN a picture. Very cool.

    Have a good trip, Bill. You all are blessing us with great vicarious experiences of the world...


  5. ahh, the beauty i see is in the way you and Billy are holding each other.


  6. so gorgeous! the scenery and the people!

    i miss you gusy


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