22 November 2010

All dressed up

The new school year doesn't start till January 11, but knowing how the
city sleeps for a month around Christmas time, we've tried our best to
be organized. Uniforms are in the closets... Pants are even hemmed if
you can believe it. We went to buy backpacks. We realized that
ordering them off the Internet to come in a Christmas package heading
this way cost less than buying them here. And the kids got to choose
exactly what they wanted. Madi had her eye on one from www.notw.com -
Harrison wanted black, durable with a leather bottom. He'll decorate
it his self with rotating buttons. Geekery is his claim. Avery, she
was going to be the most difficult. A blue backpack with birds. Thank
you etsy. Cute cute bird patches to iron on to a bright blue jansport
we found.

Madi is finishing up her last week of exams. I won't lie, it's been
rough. For me and for her. Sometimes I don't know when to be a mom &
when to pull back and let my kids carve their own path, even if I know
it's going to be less than ideal. Any good mom advice from those
who've already been down this teenager road? Exams work differently
from finals back home. They take them spread over a month's time. Once
one exam is finshed, they are finished for the day to go home & study
till their next exam ( which is sometimes the next day, sometimes a
few days later). It's been nice having her home by 11:00.

We spent time this weekend. Gathering with dear friends, exploring
what it is to "quiet ourselves" before Jesus. To discover in our
stories how god has been working in us even before we recognized him.
We worked through hours of natural science with Jacob. Madi and I
helped lead worship at church while Billy & Amos ran the soundboard.
We cooked pasta for around 30. Played a few rounds of skipbo and had
some sweet conversations. I'm going to miss these vulendlela guys when
they grow into a new stage. That's the point, isn't it? To grow deep
enough and strong enough to step out into their own dreams and
ministries and lives. But even though I'm so proud if them and excited
for all that is new... I'm still going to miss them. I can do that.
I'm a mom at heart.

Lots of growth, lots of changes in the coming months. Lots of energy.
But I'm glad there are lots of opportunities to snuggle down together
and enjoy the end of this season with the quietness of joburg in
December. We'll let those uniforms stay hidden in the closet till it's
time to walk, open armed, into all that is next.

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