19 November 2010

If I Had A Million Dollars - by Trace DiCocco

So... I know I'm supposed to be a missionary and not be bogged down with such petty things as money... but it's the middle of the night, I'm awake again, and I catch myself dreamily contemplating what i would do if money was an infinite thing in our pockets. If it was magically regenerating its self (which, honestly, it often does since we live completely on ya'lls' contributions and generosity)... what dreams would I chase after?

Well, let's just assume we've already covered the world peace thing - that we provided opportunities for small businesses to thrive & education to be pursued to give people a step out of poverty and ability to follow their dreams- that we've adopted as many children as we can possibly put our arms around - and that our families and churches were fully taken care of. Given. Now, we can be purely selfish.

First of all, I'd buy plane tickets for a jaunt in my beloved Michigan in every season. So I can make snow angels with all the little ones I am missing as they are growing too quickly without us. I can pick daffodils to give to my mom tied up in a blue ribbon and sing at Mars Hill with my besties and Troy would play the banjo. I can pick strawberries &make jam and go to the farmers market & Sherman Dairy with Jae. And I can crunch through the autumn leaves and hike the trails at Hoffmaster and breathe the fresh air and sit at Epic with a caramel apple cider, and you.

Then, perhaps I'd take turns flying ya'll out here to stay with us for a spell.

Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic and a bit homesick tonight. But it's true. That's what I'd do first.


Then I would go on this photo workshop with IGVisualPeacemakers. It happens to be Turkey this time, and that would be lovely. I already know how to say ThankYou in Turkish - so that would be helpful. But even more so, just to spend a week or even two with other humanitarian photographers - and to learn, to watch them work with people and exposures and post editing. I'm just flying by the seat of my pants here. Learning is a lovely idea.

In fact, I think my next spending splurge would be to go back to university. I've always gotten hung up because, honestly, it seems silly to spend so much money on a degree when i don't want a real job. Or perhaps i've just never found a real job that I wanted. Degree studies in International Development or Family Life Education sound so interesting to me though- hey, I've got imaginary money and time, i'll just go through both programs and be a professional student for a while.

I'd buy a house - not just a house - I'd buy a space to settle.... a space for our kids to come home to for the rest of their lives. Rolling forest. Secret spaces perfect for Bridge to Terabitha tree forts and adventures and journal writing and getting lost in. A rambling fishing river, mountain bike trails, a fireplace and a picnic table. No limit on the number of pets we could have. My favorite open-to-the-stars bathroom that Billy promised to build for me someday. And plenty of comfy beds so you can come to visit any time.

and the last thing, I think... is I'd suit Billy, the kids and I up with a 4x4 RV and plan extended trips into Africa. And comfortable hiking gear for backpacking throughout the rest of the world together. There is something amazing about traveling for us- experiencing this big world God made, people, culture, landscape, animal life... and finding ourselves deepened in the process.

You know, we saw the RV we borrowed for Namibia in our friend's driveway the other day and Harrison said "I really miss that house". I miss it too.

So, here in the early hours of the morning, i'm finding where my treasures are. Exposing them in the selfish dreams of my imaginary moments as an heiress.

Traveling into deep places

I guess that's not a bad place for the secrets of my heart to live.

What would be on your list?


  1. Well, this is a fabulous post :) It's always ok to dream and wish and pretend. You're doing good work! Hard work! Thanks for letting us in on your daydreams a bit. I love hearing about your work, of course, and taking in all the photos... but it's fun to hear inside your brain a little too :)

    Love you so much.

  2. No lie, my secret word to publish the above comment? billy seb. True.

  3. 1) I don't know how to hack airlines yet, or I'd be out there. ;)

    2) You only need to sell 79 books and you could do that.

    3) Are there any classes you can take online?

    My dreams are endless and I don't even know where to start. ;) I can still visualize the dream house I drew in elementary school, though. There was a beach and dock in the front, forest and mountains in the back, a greenhouse and horse stable on the right, and a personal airstrip with my plan on the left. Wrap-around porch included. :)

  4. you are both so fabulous.
    i'm wondering what it was that billy seb - sounds like he has a cold

    i love the idea of a beach and a forest. That would suit billy and I well - although I'm not a big fan of sand. The horses and airplanes might make up for it though. Can I come live with you?


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