15 November 2010

weekend glimpses

Harrison and Jacob playing chess. Harrison had already beat me in four moves...
he decided that teaching someone from scratch might be more of a challenge than playing me again

Madi and Morne studying for end of year exams. We actually bribed Madi this year... no, not a bribe - an incentive. We'll treat for a day at the amusement park during the December holiday if she can score in the 80%s on 4 of her 8 exams - and Morne is invited too. Morne - he's aiming for 99% collective on his matric exams (end of high school). We figured he'd be a good study partner to keep her motivated to learn. They did really well together. And Sparrow Tsholofelo is doing what she does best - when she isn't jumping around like a lunatic

Billy turns the music on his phone up loud and Amos laughs at every card played. They are involved in yet another game of Casino - a highly complicated game that basically breaks down to knowing your opponent & anticipating his moves. Sounds a lot like chess - and if you'll remember, I'm not good at that game either. Oftentimes lately one of the kids will join into their game and even win once in a while. Occasionally they'll put away the cards and play SkipBo with me instead.

Avery in her most favorite moments... snuggled up in bed reading. the only thing that would make this better for her is if Tsholofelo was curled up with her - but being on the top bunk makes that pretty impossible.

This certainly isn't all - Billy and Amos went to a funeral, we actually had three dear friends closely affected by the death of a family member this past week. Brenda is visiting from the states and I took her to see lions then to the airport so she could fly to Capetown for the week. I took a car full of kids to Open House day at the South Africa Riding for the Disabled Association. I finished two photo book and uploaded them to blurb.com to be self published. We'll talk about those more in a few weeks. We hosted another Sunday afternoon pasta dinner. Leroy's jokes were too much - and Mama Linda laid down quite the rhythm. Sunday evening bible study was lead by an older couple who have come all the way from Australia to walk through healing journeys with our group for the next few weeks. Their passion being on missionaries -local and cross cultural- and teaching new (or perhaps old) ways of quieting ourselves before Jesus to become fully aware of his presence. To recognize Him in our stories - even our most painful ones. To realize He's holding on tightly to us. I'm tired. I'm energized. I'm thankful that our ministry looks a lot like family sometimes.... especially on weekends.


  1. Beautiful ending sentiment. Hope you get your rest!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth.. for all your thoughts. I'd be doing better at resting if I didn't keep waking up so blasted early - but how can i complain? It's a beautiful thing to be wide wide awake - almost ready for lunch - for the sunrise - and when else do i have completely quiet all to myself time? Plus also, naps are nice.

  3. I just love you guys and miss you. The kids are getting so big. I hope to cross paths again someday in the near future.


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